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10 New Rules and Regulations for Drivers to be Aware of in 2020

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We're already a month into 2020 now, how fast did January go! 

2020 is a new year and the start of a new decade. It is also the beginning of attempts to tackle some of the problems surrounding driving, which involves introducing new rules and regulations for all drivers over the next decade. Here’s a look at them so you know exactly what to be on the watch for, and to keep engaged with as these new rules are introduced:

#1 - Low Emission Changes

The first rule to be aware of is that if your vehicle does not comply with current emission rules, you may be charged to drive in certain parts of the city. This has already been introduced in London and is expected to reach Birmingham and Leeds soon. 

#2 - High Emission Tax

Rule 2 sees any vehicle which has a high level of carbon emissions be charged more for being on the roads, with a £5 increase being predicted on yearly bills. 

#3 - Smart Motorway Crackdowns

Smart motorway lanes are being even more closely monitored, with fines and points on your licence being the penalty for straying into them. 

#4 - Intelligent Engines

Not happened yet, but decided this year. All new vehicles built from 2022 will have cameras inside that detect a speed limit and restrict the power of the car accordingly. This is an EU-specific regulation, so watch this space on what happens with this one.

#5 International Permits

International permits may no longer be valid in the event of a no-deal Brexit at the end of 2020, forcing users to buy a new one each time they go on holiday. Keep checking for updates on our transition out of the European Union.

#6 - No More Parking on Pavements

What used to be standard practice, especially in smaller streets may now be banned, and you can expect legal sanctions if you are found parking on a pavement. This has been recently looked at by members of parliament so is one to watch closely! Check out a recent report here.

#7 - New Driver Restrictions

New drivers can expect to see a new set of restrictions on their vehicles, with the speeds, number of passengers and even a curfew up for debate, as well as things like alcohol and engine limits.

#8 - Cyclist Safety

More consideration is to be given to cyclists, with a delay in door opening times and giving way to them on the roads being enforced - this space is set for a huge regulatory shake-up over this coming decade, due to the push for sustainable transport.

#9 - Lessons on Motorways

Not strictly this decade, but as we reported in mid-2018, those individuals learning to drive will now be able to get their hands on some precious motorway experience if they are in a vehicle with dual controls for the instructor, introducing a big change for the learning process.

#10 - MOT Restrictions

New definitions for road safety and MOT inspections have been created last year, meaning MOT's for our cars are judged differently. The new list is as follows: 
Dangerous - Considered to be a straight risk to other drivers and owner, results in an instant fail. 
Major - A potential safety issue which could cause a serious accident, also results in an instant fail. 
Minor - No defect is found on the safety of the vehicle, but repairs should be a top priority. 
Advisory - Could affect safety in the future, more a warning than an official sanction. 
Pass - Meets the legal requirements for road safety and can be driven freely. 

There we have it! Some new regulations for the next decade that have been introduced recently, or may be introduced soon. In conclusion, these are the new rules that you should be aware of. Ignorance is not a defence - you could easily find yourself subject to ramifications if you’re found to be in the wrong. If you'd like to recommend Progress to any of your family, friends or loved ones - please share this article and our contact details with them. If you have any queries or would be interested in a Refresher Course, please get in touch for free, here.

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