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The future is slower: 2022 could see car speed limited to 70mph

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When it comes to driving a car, you are in control of how fast you go. This means that if you break a speed limit, or you drive too fast, well then that is down to you. 
However, it is thought that by 2022 this could all change, thanks to a recent EU ruling.

What are these changes?

70 people are killed or seriously injured whilst driving on British roads every single day and, in many of these cases, speed is going to have been a factor in that particular crash. The very best speed restriction tool out there is the driver themselves and their right foot. However, it seems that even the knowledge of how dangerously fast driving can be isn’t enough to stop some people from going just that little bit faster.

With this in mind, the EU have decided that something else needs to be done in order to make sure that drivers keep to the speed limit, which at its highest is 70mph.

But how? How can you make sure that cars drive the speed that they are supposed to, or at least when they are on the motorway? 
The idea is to install Intelligent Speed Assistance in new cars. This will usually come in the form of specialist devices which will be fitted within the car and set to ensure that the car can never travel over the 70mph mark.

It is thought that in doing this, and stopping cars from driving too fast on British roads, 250,000 lives can be protected and 140,000 injuries prevented by 2038. A rather staggering statistic to keep in mind.

There are those that oppose the idea of limiting the speed in a car, especially since it really should be down to the driver to drive safer, however, it really does seem that there are still some people who think that they don’t have to abide by the rules that are set out for the road and instead drive as fast as they like. Putting their own lives and the lives of others out there at risk.

What does this mean for me?

Of course, we don’t yet know for certain how these changes will affect those who are learning to drive, or to those who are about to take their driving test - however, we can assure you that Progress School of Motoring always stay ahead of the game with any new regulations - so rest assured, and stay tuned to Progress for updates.

Much like many other regulation changes, you should try to make sure that you understand the regulations and know the impact that it will have on you. As well as this, you can also choose a driving school that understands these regulations, here at Progress, we always want to stay ahead of the curve. We understand all the things that could have an impact on your driving test and also when you pass your test too.

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