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The benefits of gaining driving experience at a young age

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Today at Progress School of Motoring, we explore the benefits of gaining driving experience at a young age - ahead of our launch event of Progress Youth with all proceeds going to Cancer Research UK. Click here to read all about the event on the 1st June 2019, at Prestatyn Market where we'll be handing over our car keys to teenagers aged 14+. Everyone is welcome to join us for what will be an insightful, fun day.

Join us for the launch of Progress Youth and drive a real car (14+)
Prestatyn Market - 1st June 2019 - From 11am

We all know that the legal age to learn to drive on the road is 17. This is why many teenagers look forward to receiving driving lessons, or if they are even luckier, a car, for their 17th birthday! But what you may not realise is that it is also possible for teenagers to gain off-road driving experience from an even earlier age, in a completely safe, responsible and beneficial way.

...Especially with a little help from the experts here at Progress School of Motoring.

We have developed our Progress Youth service, which is designed to ensure that those teenagers who are looking to gain experience in driving before their standard lessons, can do so in a safe and controlled environment.

For those who sign up to this service, they will not only learn some of the basics of driving a car and keeping it under control, but also the theory that is applied to driving a car on the road too. Every single session will be in a dual-control car and will be organised on privately owned land, which has been agreed to be used for off-road driving.

Thinking about organising your teenager to attend these lessons? If you are, then you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of benefits to them having these lessons.

It shows them the right attitude from an early age

One of the biggest benefits to having a driving lesson or two at a younger age means that you understand the right way to drive from an early age. Despite having lessons before they get behind the wheel on their own, it can seem that many new drivers are just too excited about finally being able to drive, which means that they may not drive in an appropriate manner. If they have already spent some time learning to drive, then chances are that they will already know the right way to behave and have this instilled in them, ready to be a safe and conscientious driver. 

It can help them to learn quicker

When you are 17, you can feel pretty desperate to learn to drive, pass your test and get your own car. If your teenager already has some experience of driving a car, then they are going to be ready to tackle some of the more complex aspects of learning to drive. Which means that there is a good chance that they are going to be able to pass their test quicker. 

Join Us: The Progress Youth Charity Fundraiser Day

Like the sound of these lessons? Why not support us & Cancer Research UK by attending our charity launch of Progress Youth? Not only can your 14+ year old get the chance to drive a real car, but the money that is made will then be donated to the Cancer Research UK Race Drive for Life campaign.

The event will be held on the 1st of June from 11 am at the Prestatyn Market. The cost is £3 per drive, which will then all go straight to Cancer Research. We hope to see you there!

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    Progress got me through my test first time. Very supportive & encouraging, would definitely recommend.
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    Progress really helped me with my driving, I have so much confidence on the road thanks to my instructor.
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